Here’s what some of our patients said about their experience with our office--- 

“ Dr. Macanga has led me to a level of recovery that I never expected could be possible.” Peggy Dunkel   -71 Olmsted Township


“Each time I visit you as a patient you not only treated my problem but followed through by telling me what might have caused it and gave me things to do at home to help myself.  I know I can trust you because I respect your skill and integrity which by the way are rare qualities in a doctor today.’’ Sandy Duwe  -65 Brookpark


“ My feet, knees, hips, and back ached so much that I had to rely on pills for relief.  I just took for granted that at 74 this was a common thing.  A friend told me about Dr. Macanga so I thought I would give him a try.  Following a series of treatments and exercising I feel like a new person.  Thank God for Dr. Macanga’’ Sarah Preidt


“ I turned to look out the window and felt an overwhelming sense of dizziness.  My neck was very stiff and my shoulders extremely sore.  I was miserable.  I felt like life wasn’t worth living.  There was no quality to my life.  I went to Dr. Macanga and on my first visit I felt 75% improved.  I stuck with it and its the best thing I ever did.  By following the schedule of visits that Dr. Macanga recommends and taking care of myself I am now a well person.  The best part is that I got there without surgery or medication.  Life is truly worth living again.’’ Terry Shipacasse  -51 Westlake


“I came to Medical CO+OP more than a decade ago.  I had chronic lower back pain since I was 12 years old.  As I got older my neck and head began to hurt.  It was hard for me to sleep, drive, sit up straight, walk, stand or take care of my children.  I tried rest, pain killers and muscle relaxants.  I didn’t want to take any more medication with all the potential side effects.  I now live pain free and have full movement of my back and legs.  I plan on staying with a maintenance plan of care to keep it that way.  Medical CO+OP is a very friendly environment.  All of the staff are eager to answer any questions and truly want everyone to learn how to keep a healthy lifestyle.”  Roberta Sheperd -57 Brunswick Hills


“ I had stabbing pain in my neck and shoulder.  I could not play golf which I enjoy quite a bit.   I was recommended (to Dr. Macanga) by my daughter and son in law.  Now the pain in my neck and shoulder are virtually nonexistent ’’ Richard Nickels -73 Brunswick


“ I have been treated for EXTREME lower back pain.  There were times I wasn’t able to stand up straight.  Medical CO+OP has treated me so I am able to have a normal life again.  I can golf and lift my grandchildren.  I feel normal again.  I was (surprised at) how good I feel when I am adjusted properly’’ Eugene Kowalewski -57 Berea


“I had problems with sciatic pain.  Sometimes the pain was so bad that I couldn’t walk or breathe.  I always feel better after a treatment.  You can suffer or get it fixed!.’’ Jerry Satava  -54 Parma


These are just a few of the patients that have take the time to write and tell us how happy they are with our office.  We hope you’ll give us an opportunity to show you how we have touched so many lives.